Activist News Source

Myself and Shaun are based in Ireland and we call ourselves a European News Source but in reality we cover stories from all around the world because we have found World issues are European issues. We live in a finite space and what folk do in America affects people in Europe, Asia and vice versa. Thus we have no borders save for the truth.

Listener Beware

Some of the topics covered here can be quite distressing.

If you tend to get angry when you hear about abuses by corporation on your fellow man and woman be advised a form of yoga and anger-management is advised to supplement your listening and reading.

Myself and Shaun have been working off and on this past few months keeping the site ticking over but I provide this following notice on the future of European News Weekly.

Future Pod-casts

We are busy reorganizing our previous work especially with our pod-cast. Our storage space is now secure and the next job is to start migrating all our most important and most downloaded pods to our new platform and storage space. All pods are still available and can be downloaded but this is not ideal for us and we cannot guarantee the future availability of those pods at the moment so please be patient and we will get this sorted.

Thank you for your patients...